About the project

The project “INNO-JOBS: Creation of employment opportunities in the trans-border region by identification of innovative jobs and delivery of specialized training” is a joint Bulgarian-Romanian initiative. It is being implemented in the frame of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. The leading organization in the project is Association “Dobrudzha Agricultural and Business School”, Bulgaria and the partner is NGO “Mare Nostrum”, Romania. Both organizations are working in close cooperation in order to achieve the project goals and objectives.

INNO-JOBS will contribute to bring together the people, communities and economies of the Romania-Bulgaria border region to participate in the joint economic cooperation, using cross border area’s human resources and advantages in a sustainable way by exchange of employment opportunities and establishment of cross-border training services to suit best the integrated market needs in the cross-border region.

By exploiting the common business interests in Dobrudzha, it is aimed to improve further the level of educational and economic co-operation in the traditional for the cross-border area sectors as tourism and agriculture, and prevent the economic divergence of the border regions in the two countries by elaborating tools and means to stimulate R&D and promote innovation and high technology in tourism and agriculture sectors.

INN0-JOBS will have an impact on stimulating and strengthening cross-border links and exchange by cooperative actions between education/training centres, local and regional institutions, and businesses.